Birds seen from our house, from June 2006 - up to April 2015, when a sparrow hawk was seen with the remains of a pigeon..

- woodpecker, heron, swan, pheasant, robin, thrush and blackbird -

not shown here are all variety of tits and finches that entertain us each day, nor the collared and other doves that are also our daily visitors.

We have had two robins nesting in the garden at the same time, one at the back and one at the front.

The most interesting is the thrush's nest, shown in the third row of photographs.   We watched a pair of thrushes building the nest, then when the three chicks were hatched saw them kept busy supplying them with food.  But, as the last picture shows, a male blackbird also tried to adopt the chicks and there was a constant battle between him and the parents.  The chicks, on the other hand, seemed happpy to accept their dinner from whomever!

May 2009: the blackbird's nest, row four, is only a couple of feet from our kitchen window, from where this photograph was taken .


woodpecker - June 2006


June 14th 2008


robin's nest


baby thrush

thrush at its nest

blackbird feeding thrushes

Woodpecker, February 7th 2009 - in the tip-top branch

Blackbird, sitting, May 2009 - right outside the kitchen window

Sparrow Hawk in the garden, April 12th 2015

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