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left: granddaughter Emily in her Hunting Menzies!

- and above,  Emily and Nan in 2003

On her father's side Patricia was a member of one of the Dewar / Deor families of Perthshire, while from her Cumbrian mother she had Reiver and Cornish Mitchell blood.  She was born in Helensburgh, though, in 1937 and so knew well the Clyde steamers at Craigendoran and the old mill at Luncarty mentioned in our songs, and of course Cruachan by Loch Awe.

Her father worked for John Menzies and during the summer she would help him not just at St Enoch but in getting the papers out to the Clyde steamers. And there were days she remembered from way back, when the Jeanie Deans and the Lucy Ashton still sailed from Craigendoran.

As Father Graham so movingly said at her funeral, referring to her smile: "always on her face ...., a light to others, cheerful, loving and caring right up to the very end.  Hold on to memories of that smile, that laugh, that joy, of that love.  Patricia walked in that light and reflected it wherever she went" At the thought of this new CD she will be smiling now!