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A HORNIST'S TREASURE CHEST is a collection of 5 duos for F Horn and Pianoforte plus a further piece, FOOTSTEPS, for which you will also need a violinist, or flautist.

Originally composed as songs for mezzo Caroline Milan and piano these arrangements have been made for her children, our grandchildren, both diploma level students, of violin, piano and French horn. 

The duos are just that, the piano part not just accompanying but always with its own solo contribution to make.  The music is essentially cantabile, with soaring, haunting melodies, sometimes wistful or melancholic, sometimes bright and exhilerating.

The style varies from work to work, 'classical', blues and even crossover for the Footsteps trio, but which hopefully may lead on to an interest in the horn trio A Rapture Suite, written entirely in the medium of twelve-tone music, not too inaccessible though, and definitely repaying the study. (link above)

All the Treasure Chest music is equally suited for student or professional use; and because it was conceived with our grandchildren in mind - and indeed the first piece A Voice of Music was originally written when I myself was a student - the pieces may be freely downloaded as pdf files with the compliments of Ardross House.
Our own grandchildren have especially enjoyed the Footsteps trio, which seems to work very well as an introduction to  A Rapture Suite and indeed  to chamber music generally - and apart from a few high notes on the horn (for which an ossia is provided) it should be well within the capability of grade VII players for all three instruments (and for the flute option too.)

(The scores for A Rapture Suite are  available from the splendid classical music site tutti.co.uk)  Tutti.co.uk logo

The six individual works are detailed below - or to download them all together in one volume just click these links:

piano score (52 pages)
horn part (15 pages)
violin/flute part (trio only)

Additionally, which may be especially helpful at this time of lockdown and social distancing I am including recordings of just the piano part, with the others muted.  I hope this is useful.
1 A Voice of Music      2 Wings      3 Metropole        4 Passing        5 Carousel     6   Footsteps

Sadly, because of the coronavirus lockdown, it has not yet been possible to record the works properly ; but the sound files provided do give a reasonable impression of my intentions.   I hope you enjoy delving into our Hornist's Treasure Chest.        Kerry Milan, self-isolating in Stafford, UK May 2020.


A_voice_of_music_for_horn.jpg (2233597 bytes)

"A Voice of Music" is based on three short songs written in 1963 when I was a third-year student at the RSAMD in Glasgow.  The work was performed in the Scottish Academy's Stevenson Hall on June 21 st 1963 by fellow students Roger Crook, tenor, and Anne Strachan, piano.

<<< copy of 1963 programme>>>

setting for voice pdf

<<< Listen to "A Voice of Music">>>

<<< View "A Voice of Music">>>


wings_horn_piano_cover.jpg (1602506 bytes)

This haunting work dates from 1998, scored originally for mezzo, flute, harp and guitar, and had its first performance at a CCA concert, at which the mezzo-soprano was Caroline Milan, who later recorded the piece in 2001 with Julian Hellaby.

<<< Listen to "Wings">>>

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metropole_new_horn_cover_full.jpg (1604966 bytes)


<<<Listen to Metropole>>>

<<< View Metropole>>>

The pianist in this jazz-style setting is invited to improvise their solo spot.  Here, as an example, is Julian Hellaby in 2001 as part of his Julian Hellaby and Friends CD "Music for a While" the singer Caroline Milan:

<< Listen to Metropole extempore >>


passing_full_cover.jpg (2476407 bytes)

This beautiful, rather melacholic, work of 2020, Passing, is actually an arrangement of a song, originally named Drifting, written in 2001.

  "One day more slips away, Another high, another low,
   One more fraction of me! - so where did it go?  ......"

In its new format, it celebrates the abilities of two remarkable grandchildren

<<< Listen to "Passing">>>

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carousel_horn_piano_cover.jpg (2010110 bytes)

<<<Listen to Carousel>>>

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In its original 2001 version, it had a perhaps limited audience! -

"Happy birthday 'Aged Two',
Is there room for me too,
As you race off on each new adventure?
Carousels in the square,
Flashing lights at the fair,
Oh to be there, to remember."

These opening lines perhaps give some indication of the excitement this piece aims to capture.



footsteps_horn_trio_cover.jpg (2501234 bytes)

This is a new arrangement of the original 1997 song Footsteps, this time for Horn Trio - horn, pianoforte and violin - but the piece also works well with flute replacing the violin and so an alternative flute part is provided too.

<<<Listen to Footsteps>>>

<<<Listen to Footsteps with flute>>>

<<< View Footsteps>>>

and why not hear again the original version -

<<<Listen to the 1997 Footsteps>>>

- which tells of one girl's feelings after the death of her partner following depression.   Haunting memories vie with a sense of despair and desolation.

We must all do whatever we can at this unprecedented period of coronavirus lockdown to help those people struggling to cope with enormous stress and isolation.


And new, December 2020, a horn trio version of Gaetano Braga's delightful Senerata music. - full details on the Stringsters page

<< play the Serenata new horn trio scoring>>

<<download the Serenata horn trio parts>>

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