Milan extended family
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JOHN MILNE was born in 1787 at Edzell in Angus, Scotland to father James MILNE.
John married a Yorkshire woman ANN WALKER on May 16th 1816 at Arksey near Doncaster.
The couple had seven children whose surname became MILAN.  Indeed when John MILNE died,
in a coach accident near Dundee in 1837, his death was registered as JOHN MILAN.
Note that until the twentieth century, although the spelling was MILAN, the pronunciation seems generally to have been as in MILLAN.

There are other MILAN families with completely different roots, eg. in Cornwall, Swansea, Cheltenham and especially London;
but the chart below attempts to map all those MILANS descended from John MILNE and Ann WALKER.  Many of these stayed in Yorkshire
and Lincolnshire for generations; but some moved to London.  Hopefully I have identified most of them here; but there are bound to be
mistakes and omissions and I would be very grateful to receive corrections, additions etc.  (In fact I am aware of some discrepancies, but
not how to resolve them!)
Between 1984 and 2006 a quarter of all the MILAN birth registrations were to the mother's name, MILAN. 
I have made no attempt to address this problem! This outline does not of course show any descendants throught the female lines, but it is
interesting to see the 200 plus descendants through eight generations since John MILNE travelled south from the Scottish Highlands .

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