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Lancelot Hodgson
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John Watson's commentary
Mowbray Outline

Welcome to the Family Tree section of our website, if you have come here directly from one of the pdf files.
The section is constantly being updated and expanded.  In the meantime there are pdf outlines for eight of our north Cornwall families,  Callaway, Couch, Frod / Frad,   Werry / Little, Billing alias Trelawder, Constable to Billing, Wadge / Trevithick and most recently Mitchell ..... full details via the Cornwall link

... while Cumberland presently has two  outlines, which represent our tentative family trees for Lancelot Hodgson and Eleanor Ferguson, who married at Kirklinton in 1876.

It is by no means guaranteed accurate, and at times we have had to make leaps of faith which further visits to Carlisle archives may confirm or contradict. Not least is the problem of which of several James Calverts married Eleanor Hope at Kirklinton in 1809, but our latest thinking is included, as at March 2017.

Notice that Thomas Ferguson and Mary Dixon who married in 1808 both appear to have had the same ggrandfather, William Philip.
And notice too the six sets of twins that appear on the two outlines.

Above all, we would love to know what prompted Lancelot WALKER to change his name to Lancelet HODGSON. He was christened Walker in 1855 and was still Walker in 1871, but when he married in 1876 he was Lancelot Hodgson, with his mother given as Jane Walker and his father a farm servant John Walker whom we know nothing of.
Any replies/queries to [E-MAIL] please.

New at Sep. 2009 is a map of the extended MILAN family from 1787. Any comments about this would be very welcome please at [E-MAIL].

New at Nov. 2009 - an article about the early BROCK families of the Isle of Axholme - starting with William who married Cecillia MEGGOTT in 1547.  But why does IGI batch no. C018497 for Belton have over 1500 entries between 1542 and 1663, all female?

New at January 2010 - an outline for a branch of the HARROP family who have lived in the area around Barnburgh (Barnborough) for generation after generation, and who became part of the Milan family tree in 1852 when Elizabeth HARROP's daughter Ann HARRISON married William Alexander MILAN.

The TYRWHITT story shows an unbroken line back to the time of Henry VIII.  Quite fascinating.

New at June 2011 - the CONSTABLE family in Cornwall similarly goes right back to Henry VIII, we have finished working on the BILLING alias TRELAWDER family, at least for now, and our most recent work concerns the MITCHELLS of Endellion.

July 2011: John MILNE / MILAN was baptised in 1787 at Edzell in Angus, or Forfarshire, Scotland.  This article seeks to describe the background of the family and local community in what was a century of some turmoil for the country. The MILNE page is well worth the read!

December 2011: the ELLIS family Outline has been added, stretching from Richard ELLIS who married Sarah DAWSON at Spofforth in 1704 to Hannah Elizabeth ELLIS who married Edward Jeffery MILAN near Batley in 1910. Seven interesting generations, mainly yeoman farmers in the very attractive Nidderdale area of Yorkshire.  Any additions or amendments please, on what is work in progress, would be much appreciated. This outline, perhaps more than any other we have done, is based not just on parish register records but on the insights that wills can bring.  There are a large number of wills held in Yorkshire Archives, and the small personal details these can shed on past lives is very touching - and not just wills but the Small Inventories, right down to what is in the stable!  << link to ELLIS family Outline >>

November 2012: a fascinating picture has emerged in tracing back the JEFFERY line.   Not only does the JEFFERY line itself go back to the sixteenth century; but many of the families round about, and their intermarrying, can be traced with remarkable precision.  We know for example of George SILVESTER's marriage  on April 12th 1580 to Mary LEADLEY at St Peter at Gowts, Lincoln; and of the BARRET/BURRIT family, and the MALTBY families with their two Magdalen (pronounced Maudlin) children both baptised in 1652.  We know that John PAGE and Susanna BROWNE married on October 11th 1599 at Hagworthingham, and all this activity within an area of just a few miles around Horncastle, specifically the tiny parishes of Winceby, Hameringham, Hagworthingham, Mareham on the Hill, High Toynton, Hemingby, Baumber, Revesby, Coningsby and Kirkby on Bain.

We have Ralph MALTBY's inventory in 1613 for just 31; and Jennet JEFFREY's in 1626 for 73.  John PAGE's inventory in 1628 was for the considerable 'suma totalis' of 337 - and all this, including copies of the original parish record entries, are thanks to the wonderful on-line provision of digitalised images made available by Lincolnshire Archives.

And Hameringham and Winceby were, of course, the site of one of the early battles of the Civil War, when in 1643 Cromwell's troops defeated the Royalists, despite Cromwell himself being unhorsed during the fighting!

The JEFFERY / JEFFREY etc Outline is fairly large; but should print out legibly on A3 paper: <<link to JEFFERY family Outline>>
We have also added a seperate <<JEFFEREY earliest days>> pdf file from the 1560s.

Until recently, though, there was a gap in the JEFFERY line since we did not know whom Thomas JEFFER(E)Y married in the 1620s - just that her name was Susan.  A search through the BTs at Lincoln Archives produced an incredible find however, because it suddenly opened up a completely new line stretching right back into the fifteenth century - the DYON / DYAN family.  Susan(na) DION was baptised at Legbourne on February 18th 1611/12 and we now know her parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and probably also her great-great-grandparents.  And we have such a lot of information on the family because there are so many DYON parish priests in 15th and 16th century Lincolnshire.   For now, here is the DYON Outline - later hopefully we can include an article on the family, starting with the will of Dom. Alan DYAN, chaplain of Grainsthorpe Lincs. 1488.
The May 2015 revision of the DYON outline introduced Margaret CURTEYS - ideas please on her parentage! 
We now know (having gone through the BTs) that Katherine HUNTERHOW and James DYON married at Hameringham on November 2nd 1603.   James' father was rector at South Reston and Katherine's father was rector at Hameringam so I'm sure it was a doubly blessed affair!
August 2016: discovery that Roger HUNTERHOW, who in 1576 was curate at Withern, became vicar of Hameringham in 1578, then just months later in February 1578 he married Jennet DONE(R) at Withern.

The DEOR / DEWAR Outline should also print out on A3 paper - this is new online as at Dec. 2012 and has much of interest, though with so many people with the same name, trying to identify them individually is very difficult.   The beauty of the early Scottish records is that the family's abode is normally given at baptisms so this can help, and there is the added pleasure in finding these old croft names still in place today.

February 2015: two new outlined added, the BRUS and MOWBRAY families who came over from Normandy at the time of the Norman Conquest.  Their lines are followed up till around 1419 when Robert BRUS married Isabel MOWBRAY.
Pdf files for both outlines are provided:  <<brus outline pdf>>    <<mowbray outline_pdf>>.

All these outlines are intended only to give a broad over-view of the family lines, and it is obviously not possible to list all the sources that have been consulted.    In the case of the Mowbray outline, however, a brilliant researcher called John Watson has provided so much information that a separate version of the Mowbray outline  <<mowbray outline with links>> has been included which links many of the names directly to his commentary and source notes. I hope this is helpful.  Information on the de Boulton and de Hutton families can be found in Wikipedia and British History Online etc, though even here of course errors can creep in.  For example I think the early de Boulton line is accurately described in the BHO Hutton site, but wrongly on the Appleton-le-Street site.  Many researchers are working on these early Norman families, and new information is still coming to light, so please view these early outlines as simply possible scenarios!

John Watson has also provided a well-researched account of the BRUS line, and that should be easily located on-line.

January 2019 - the BILLING line has been updated; but there are still many questions to be cleared up!