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Part of our family tree is connected with the parishes of St Endellion, St Kew and St Minver in north Cornwall.

This county's records are particularly well preserved and documented and it is possible to take families right back to the fifteen hundreds, from the time of the 1522 Military Survery.

(The WERRY / LITTLE outline, added Feb. 2009, is a little further south, around St Austell.)

We thought it might be of interest to show some of these early outlines, though sources are not given here.  Dates where given will usually be fairly reliable, but whether or not the information is correctly interpreted and pieced together is another matter.   If anyone has corrections, additions or any other observations, please contact us at [E-MAIL]

In addition to the pdf files attached here, we have a number of other Cornwall outlines, which will follow later. (eg the MITCHELLs -see further down)




- see also below!


1066 to Restoration

  October 2010: the most recent of the Cornwall outlines concerns the CONSTABLE family of St Sampson or Golant, dating from Henry Constable's marriage to Joane GOODING in 1568.  The outline follows a number of Quaker families, not least Robert HAWKIN and Gabriel RUNDELL, en route to Charity BILLING in Port Isaac, grand-daughter of 'Quaker Billing' of that town.

  January 2019: the BILLING alias TRELAWDER outline has taken some time to reach its still very uncertain uncertain state, and with the Endellion records being so disappointing there is much that will remain speculation, unfortunately.  On the other hand we have spent many hours going through old wills of the period and they certainly help clarify some of the family relationships.  There is not room to show all the sources on what is a very large outline; but please contact us for more details or indeed to point out errors.  The outline will just about print out on A3, but if possible try to locate an A2 printer!

Note the circularity of the relationships.  We can now see that John CONSTABLE married Dorothy HOCKEN, whose sister Ann married Reginald BILLING.
We can be fairly certain of this because in his will of 1643 Reginald BILLING left 40 shillings to his sister-in-law Dorithy CONSTABLE.

  January 2011: The BILLING outline has been updated, and thanks to Susanna BILLING's will of 1764 we have been able to add yet more connections as shown in the new WADGE / TREVITHICK outline.  Unfortunately, the pdf conversion would not work properly so the text that originally accompanied the outline is set out separately below, a little more inconvenient, but well worth exploring.

In the name of God Amen. I Susanna BILLING of the town of Port Isaac within the parish of Endellion in the county of Cornwall Victualler being weak in body but of a sound and disposing mind memory and understanding, for which I return thanks to Almighty God; and considering the uncertainty of this life and the certainty of death do for the preventing and avoiding all such controversies differences and disputes as might otherwise happen to arise among my relations touching my temporal effects and concerns after my decease, make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following hereby revoking all former wills by me made . . .
Firstly I commend my Soul to Almighty God my Creator hoping through his mercy and the merits of Jesus Christ my saviour and redeemer to inherit eternal life and my body I commit to the earth to be decently interred at the discretion of my executor herein after named . . .
Also I give devise and bequeath all my goods chattels and effects of what nature or kind soever to Francis PHILP of the parish of St Kew Maltster whom I appoint my executor in trust to appraise and make sale of my goods chattels and effects for the payment of my funeral charges debts and the expense that shall attend this my last will and the legacies herein after mentioned they giving a proper discharge on the receipt of the same
Also I give to my brother Thomas WADGE ye sum of twenty five pounds to be paid him in five pounds a year … 5 to be paid within six months after my decease
Also I give to my sister Catherine TREVITHICK ye sum of five pounds to be paid her in twenty shillings a year
Also I give to Susanna the wife of Pascow BILLING my best silk gown and Callaminto? quilted coat my best shagg? Hat? best shoes and clogs
Also I give to Susanna the daughter of Pascow and Susanna BILLING my silver milkcup and by best quilt and to her sister Catherine I give my silver punch ladle and silver tea tongs and five pounds between them to be equally divided when they arrive at twenty one years of age or before if their father should happen to die and they should be in want
Also I give to Sarah MITCHELL my best second morning gown best stays? best Callaminto? quilted coat, a pair of Stuffe? shoes second best quilt and my linning (linen?) Corse? to be divided between her and her sister Susanna BILLING
Also I give to the above said Sarah MITCHELL fours half hogsheads with iron hoops.
Also I give to Agnes the daughter of Thos. WADGE my best linning (linen?) gown, white fustian coat and one bound? -------
Also I give to Mary the daughter of John TREVITHICK two gowns one silk and worsted the other linning and one quilted coat. . .
Also I give to Nicholas TREVITHICK one pound one shilling to be paid within one month after my decease
Also I give to Thomas MITCHELL all my son John LARK's wearing apparel with his silver barrel?
Also I give to John the son of William LARK my part in the Boat (Sara ?) which I have with Pascow BILLING and Francis PHILP
Also I forgive William PHILP all such sum or sums as he may? stand indebted to me at ? time of my decease
Also I give to William LARK one shilling and to his son William my --- of land in Port Quinn and one shilling and to his sisters Ann and Mary one shilling each, also I give to the two daughters of Thomas BILLING Loveday and Elizabeth one shilling each - - Lastly the remainder of my goods chattels and effects if any be I give to my executor Francis PHILP to be --------- distributed among my relations at his -------, In witness whereof I the said Susanna BILLING ------ this writing to be my last will and testament and ---- my hand and seal ---- this thirteenth day of February 1764

Cover date 2nd March 1764 Endellion - lately deceased Susanna BILLING
also Administration signed by Francis PHILP gent, Wm COPPIN yeoman and James TROY? mason of Lostwithiel in the sum of two hundred pounds of good and lawful money.

[Occasionally we have struggled in transcribing the text - any corrections would be appreciated.]



Footnote concerning Catherine LARK and Francis and William PHILP.

Susanna BILLING’s detailed will mentions seventeen family members and her son John LARK, presumably deceased.  As executor of her will, however, Susanna appoints Francis PHILP, maltster, of Pendoggett, a hamlet in St Kew parish but only 2 miles from Port Isaac.  Francis PHILP was born in 1725, an elder brother William born in 1720.
Francis married Honor READ on Dec. 9th 1760 at St Kew and after his death in 1780 his wife described him “as one of the tenderest of husbands”.  Neither Francis nor his brother had a son called William.

It could be thought that an independent well-regarded member of the community could act as executor to a friend. And Susanna was a Victualler, or provision merchant. What is more surprising is that William PHILP should have all his debts written off. We know nothing of him at all, other than his mention in the will. There is no trace of his birth, marriage or death, at least locally.
The same goes for Susanna's daughter Catherine LARK by her first husband. Again apart from the fact that her birth is recorded in the Endellion register we have no further information, so presumably, since she is not mentioned in her mother's will, Catherine had died.  Catherine was born in 1725, less than two years after Francis PHILP.
If Catherine LARK and Francis PHILP married in 1745 or 1746 at Endellion then we may never know, because between Dec. 23rd 1744 and November 29th 1746 the registers show just one marriage at Endellion - and this is not very likely to reflect the true number of marriages. Baptisms were similarly often missed, so it is not inconceivable that William was born to the couple around this time, and that Catharine then died.
If Francis was Susanna's son-in-law it would certainly explain his role as executor. And if William was Susanna's grandson it would certainly explain her indulgence to him!
And of course, Francis was not simply a dispassionate outsider. Susanna part-owned a boat with him.


The maps below may be useful in locating place names, especially those mentioned in the BILLING and CONSTABLE to BILLING outlines.

The area around St Minver

Many of the names highlighted appear in Quaker records.


These MITCHELL outlines have been a long time in the making, and hopefully will prove useful to anyone researching the Mitchell families of the parish of St Endellion, and the villages of Port Isaac, Port Gaverne, etc.

Unfortunately the St Endellion records have many gaps, and on top of that it would seem that people did not always trouble to get to Bodmin when civil registration was introduced in 1837.  On the other hand, the area has a good number of wills available, which can be very revealing.

The second half of the 19th century saw a huge increase in the number of MITCHELLS in the area; but apart from two families coming in from outside the county (outline 4) all of them seem to derive from just one couple, John MITCHELL and Charity BILLING, who married in 1782.  These families are covered in three outlines, which continually overlap with one another, as the families intermarry.  Notice one MITCHELL who marries another MITCHELL, and then remarries to another, and also the two MITCHELL brothers who marry two MITCHELL sisters!

It is not practiable here to list all the sources, which will normally be the civil registration entries after 1837 and the Endellion registers before that, based on our own inspections and also courtesy of CFHS.  Some names of course don't show in the registers where spellings are very approximate - for example PREDEX for PRIDEAUX etc.

Elizabeth MITCHELL who married William SHIPS has neither a birth nor marriage entry that I can find; but she is the sole beneficiary of her mother Charity's will.

Up until the arrival of the railways the families stayed remarkably close to their roots; but then suddenly notice how several members of a single family will all move away at the same time and to the same new start, be it Carlisle, Bristol, Swansea, London or of course America.

I have not tried to track all these movements beyond 1900; but a few are listed which we know of either from direct personal experience or because of internet websites, etc.   There are bound to be mistakes and omissions.  We should be interested to hear of corrections or amendments needed, or about any further information which people care to offer. 

The four outlines are presented here as pdf files which will print out readably at A3 size and above.  High Street print shops should be able to help with the larger sizes, and hopefully you can zoom in sufficiently on screen to find your way around what is a large and at times complex set of family relationships.

Finally, it appears that adverts are sometimes now appearing with our family tree outlines.  These have nothing to do with us at all.
On the other hand, if you are interested in hearing the splendid mezzo Yvonne Howard singing some of Robert Browning's "Pippa Passes" or Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How do I love thee?", or if Kerry Milan's violin and piano sonata or choral settings are of interest, please do page up to our Home page!





  October 2011: We have done more work on the Constable / Billing / Hawkin / Rundell Quaker connections in Cornwall, and a pdf Outline connecting these families is included here, with photographs of Sarah and Samuel RUNDELL's gravestone at Halbathick, and an early CONSTABLE memorial in St Sampson's Church, Golant.  Any queries, please e-mail .

Quaker World connections in Cornwall pdf

Samuel Rundell, photographed at Halbathick, Oct. 2011 Sarah Rundell, photographed at Halbathick, Oct. 2011 St Sampson's Golant, October 2011

April 2014: we have added the LYNAM family outline as it affects our family, dating back to the early 1500s.

We have looked at a good number of wills; but this one for Marjory LYNAM of Treore, Endellion dating from 1660 is one of the most interesting, in that it paints such a vivid picture of her character!

In the name of God Amen I Mariory Lynam of Treore in the parish of Endellion in the county of Cornwall widow though weak in body

yet of a sound and perfect body (sic!) praised be Almighty God do make and ordain this my last will & testament in manner & form

following, first I bequeath my soul into the hands of Almighty god who gave it me and my body to Christian burial Item I give

to the poor of Endellion parish twenty shillings to be distributed by my Executrix Item I give unto Joseph Rowe my grandson thirteen

pounds six shillings and eight pence to be paid yearly during his natural life to be paid by my Executrix or her heirs or assignes by

quarterly payments by even & equal portions & the same not to sell or put away without the consent of both his brothers, and in case

the said Joseph Rowe do challenge any other gift whatsoever out of any my goods or estate that then my will & meaning is

that I give him only five shillings, Item I give unto Melior Rowe my granddaughter two hundred pounds to be paid her two

years after my decease And in case the two hundred pounds be not paid at the time aforesaid that then I give & bequeath her

the said Melior Rowe one tenement in Treore which tenement I hold by lease of Hugh Boscowen Esq. for ninety & nine years if

Thomas Rowe Joseph Rowe and Elizabeth Rowe so long should happen to live Item I give & devise to my granddaughter Elizabeth

Rowe & to her heirs and assignes all my lands & tenements in the borough of East Looe & Shutta to begin her time or take

thereunto immediately after my decease. Item I give unto John Marten of St Teath the sum of seven pounds to be paid him in twenty

shillings a year and to each of his children five pounds Item I give unto Mariory Gattee my servant meat drink lodging & apparel

during her natural life And in case my Executrix do refuse to give her sufficient maintenance then I give and bequeath her the

higher Lamble park during her natural life Item I give unto each of my covenant servants five shillings which shall be dwelling

with me at the time of my death. Item I give more to Mariory Gattee ten shillings a year during her natural life Item I give

to each of John Davyes children twenty shillings. Item I give to each of Frances Barkers children twenty shillings. Item I give  unto each

of John Hoskins children of Bucklawren in St Martin twenty shillings Item I give & bequeath and devise to my grandson Abraham Rowe

the third part of my orchard which is called by the name of Foote Orchard to take it at his own choice. Item my will & meaning

is that Abraham Rowe Melior Rowe & Elizabeth Rowe shall and behaving themselves as they do before my death for the space

of two years. All the rest of my goods and chattels I give & bequeath unto Joan Rowe my daughter and her I do make my whole

& sole Executrix revoking all former wills whatsoever In witness whereof I the said Mariory Lynam to this my last

will & testament have set my hand & seal the twelfth day of November in the year of our Lord god 1660.

Also April 2014 we are adding a rather different outline, called 1066 to the Restoration, which does just that, following some of the families connected with Charity PRIDEAUX who married John LYNAM in October 1610.